Home Harmonizer

  • Essential for every home or space and is considered the best home remediation product available
  • Effectively remediates the EMF challenges originating from outside the home as well as inside the home
  • Advanced Technology Scientifically proven to normalize inter-cellular changes induced by EMFs
  • Suitable for all types of residences and businesses
  • Hand-crafted and uses a special plant-based resin for healthier and more effective EMF remediation


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The Home Harmonizer is essential for every home or space and is considered the best Home Remediation product available. It is recommended as the first and most important product, followed by the Cell Chip, a Personal Device, and other essential items. It is suitable for all types of residences and businesses that have access to either the Electric (Smart) Meter or the Fuse Box, which controls all rooms in the space.

The Home Harmonizer effectively remediates the EMF challenges originating from outside the home, such as Cell Towers, 5G Satellites, Smart Meters, Powerlines, SCADA Poles, and neighbors’ Wi-Fi. Additionally, it addresses weaker EMF emitting devices from inside the home, such as basic electrical devices and various types of lights. For stronger EMF devices that are in close proximity or are frequently touched, the Home Harmonizer can be used, but for complete remediation, it is necessary to use a Cell Chip, Laptop Chip, or Device Chip directly on them. These stronger Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices include Cell Phones, Laptops, Tablets, Wi-Fi routers, Gaming Stations, and Bluetooth Baby Monitors. It is also important to use a Device Chip on all rotating electric motor devices, such as fans, inside A/C units, and air purifiers.

The Home Harmonizer is typically installed outside next to the Electric Meter, but it can also be installed inside next to the fuse box. Detailed installation instructions are provided below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Supply chain and pandemic issues means there are only 2 manufacturers in the USA that make the gray electrical boxes we put our proprietary natural material in. Both make boxes with small imperfect blemishes on them. Please understand these are all brand new and work perfectly, even if they look slightly imperfect. If your home has extra EMF challenges you should also add a Booster Box. Extra challenges include a home: With solar panels Within 100 yds of a Cell Tower or SCADA Pole Less than 25 yds from XL Powerlines or an Electric Transformer (on a pole or box in the ground) Over 4,000 Square Feet With a metal roof If your home is a Condo or Apartment and if you do NOT have access to your Electric Meter (outside) AND YOU ALSO DO NOT have access to your Fuse Box (that controls all electric outlets in your entire home) then you should get multiple Room Harmonizers instead.

Dimensions: 4″ x 4″ x 4″

NOTE: This remediates entire home from EMF’s outside home, Smart Meter(s), cell towers, as well as TV’s, etc. BUT we recommend still getting Better ZZZ’s for your bed…as well as a device chip for any Wifi or fan located near a bed, desk, or couch.

Important Detox Information: Approximately 20 percent of individuals engaging in home remediation, which includes addressing EMF emissions from devices like cell phones and laptops, may undergo a detox phenomenon lasting for a day, a few days, or, in rare instances, longer. Notably, individuals grappling with existing health concerns, such as auto-immune issues, or those in their elderly years, tend to be more susceptible to experiencing detox effects. While this detoxification is a positive indication of beneficial changes, it might be an uncomfortable experience. Slowly implement the products and stay well hydrated with good clean water (reverse osmosis or distilled water).

The Home Harmonizer should be placed in a spot where the electricity enters your home, such as next to or on top of your Electric (Smart) Meter outside, on the pipe nearest to your Electric Meter outside, or as a last resort by the Fuse box inside of the home. It is important not to sandwich the product between two electric or metal things for maximum effectiveness. For most houses, one Home Harmonizer Box is sufficient, but a Booster Box may be necessary for homes with extra EMF challenges, such as those with Solar Panels, metal roofs,  within ½ block from a Cell Tower, or about 50 feet from an Electric Transformer Barrel or Extra Large High-Voltage Powerlines. It is also recommended to write “Belongs to owner” and/or “Unit # XYZ” and/or your Phone # on the outside of the HH Box to prevent accidental disposal by the Electric Company

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