Room Harmonizer

  • Versatile and effective, adapts to various environments
  • Effectively remediates the EMF challenges originating from outside the home as well as inside the home
  • Advanced Technology Scientifically proven to normalize inter-cellular changes induced by EMFs
  • Suitable for all types of residences and businesses
  • Hand-crafted and uses a special plant-based resin for healthier and more effective EMF remediation


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Transform your sleep sanctuary into a haven of super peaceful rest with our groundbreaking product – perfect when placed next to a bed for an unparalleled relaxation experience.

Enhance focus and well-being in your cubicle, office space, or during travel in a hotel. Versatile and effective, our product adapts to various environments to ensure you experience tranquility wherever life takes you.

Introducing our latest innovation – stronger than its predecessor, delivering heightened performance to meet your evolving needs.

Unlock the potential for detoxification – delve into the details in the paragraph below to discover the added benefits our product brings to your well-being journey.

For those high-impact EMF culprits that you frequently touch or are in close proximity to, elevate your remediation game. Complement our Harmonizer with an additional remediation device, such as a Cell Chip for your phone, a Laptop Chip for your laptop or tablet, or a Device Chip for your router or Wi-Fi printer. Elevate your protection to the next level and embrace a harmonious lifestyle.

Dimensions: 4 1/4″ x 2 1/8″ x 1 5/8″

Important Detox Information: Approximately 20 percent of individuals engaging in home remediation, which includes addressing EMF emissions from devices like cell phones and laptops, may undergo a detox phenomenon lasting for a day, a few days, or, in rare instances, longer. Notably, individuals grappling with existing health concerns, such as auto-immune issues, or those in their elderly years, tend to be more susceptible to experiencing detox effects. While this detoxification is a positive indication of beneficial changes, it might be an uncomfortable experience. Slowly implement the products and stay well hydrated with good clean water (reverse osmosis or distilled water).

Important Instructions:

  • The prongs are very fragile, and when traveling, it is advisable to keep the Room Harmonizer in its original box to protect them from breaking off.
  • The product works best when plugged directly into the wall and should not be used on a power strip or extension cord.
  • This product is usually not needed if you already have a Home Harmonizer. Both a Home and Room Harmonizer may be necessary when a room has an extra EMF challenge, such as an unremediated Smart (Electric) Meter or a large outdoor AC unit right outside the bedroom window.
  • Do not place anything metal or electrical in front of the Room Harmonizer. It is best to plug the Room Harmonizer into the top outlet so that the bottom cord can hang down and out of the way, not in front of the Room Harmonizer.

The Room Harmonizer is perfect for EMF remediation in the following locations:

  • By your bed, which is the most important place for this product.
  • By your computer and Wi-Fi equipment, where there are high levels of EMFs present.
  • Places in the home and office where you spend a lot of time.
  • Near electronic equipment or any strong EMF emitting devices.

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Aleksandras K. (England, United Kingdom)

I could notice the benefits within a day. I felt more at peace in my room than any other place in my home and it felt like a weight got lifted off of my shoulders.

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