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Taurine USP Grade - Ajinomoto
Mark M. (New York, United States)

Taurine USP Grade - Ajinomoto

Grass Fed Gallbladder & Ox Bile
Gayle S. (Arizona, United States)

Grass Fed Gallbladder & Ox Bile

Taurine supplement

The product seems to be of high quality. I need longer term use of it to discern its effectiveness, but have noticed positive experiences of greater physical energy, and sleep enhancement. We'll see what continued use brings.

Seems legit!

Was using a brand that is unable to provide supplies so switched to this and my symptoms are finally improving again. Glad to have found Life Giving Store!

Negative Ion Generator - Naturair Twin Air Titan Ionizer
Shannon K. (Colorado, United States)
So far so good

I like the Negative Ion Generator - Naturair Twin Air Titan Ionizer so far. I can't say that it has made a major difference in over all health. I deal with EMF sensitivity and I have noticed that when I do have to use my electronics for any length of time I don't get as panicky and I didn't get an instant migraine.

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
donald m. (Michigan, United States)
great product

works good for me

Very potent

Very potent stuff. Works quickly. Follow the instructions and don't take too much at once!!!

Extra Handheld Power Cord
Janis B. (Arizona, United States)
it’s a cord all right

The light is great, and the cord feels fine to handle. It’s sturdy and it works.

Vitamin B1 Powder Thiamine HCl USP Grade
Mary (Illinois, United States)

I was waking up tired after 8 hours sleep and exhausted all day long. I couldn’t wait to be able to go back to bed. B1 changed all of that. I have energy to burn now. Wake up feeling great and busy all day long with no yearning to go back to sleep. A great addition to my daily vitamins.


SUCH high quality. I actually sprinkle this on my morning eggs and it adds a nice savory umami flavor. I notice if I stop taking it, my temp starts to drop within a this is a must have in my routine! I use this with many of my clients and they are finding it equally as beneficial!

No fillers! Amazing!

What an amazing idea to have just pure dessicated thyroid in powder form with no fillers. Please never try to fill it in capsules, this really is truly amazing. I had been on Thyrogold for years (since no NDT is prescribed in my country) but it has additives (and whatever you think about them, they are harmful, especially if taken every day) so finding this has been a godsend. It works so much better for me. Yes, it is very expensive so I am praying the price doesn't go up any further. But it is an investment into your health. It does take time to adjust and find the right dose, take it easy and slowly but when you do find it, you feel so much better than on any other thyroid meds. Well done Life Giving Store!

Negative Ion Generator - Naturair Twin Air Ionizer
Colleen (Wisconsin, United States)

I am sensitive to chemicals. When the neighbors are outside cooking on the grill or burning wood in their fire pits. I can get really sick from it. The smell and the chemicals used to come into the house.

That no longer happens. The negative ionizer gets rid of the fumes right away .
I often am surprised when I open the door and realize that someone near is burning wood outside.. I can not smell it if I am inside. Wood burning creates a lot of chemicals


I've gone off my Armour Thyroid after finding out it has PEG as one of the ingredients, perhaps the reason my hair started falling out. Still testing this new NDT. It's not so easy to figure out how much to take. Guess I should have invested in the scale. I did feel the difference the first or second day, and took a bit too much for a few days and had to go back down a bit. I definitely need the scale. LOL

What I’ve been needing

I was always tired and forgetful. I started taking nutritional yeast about a month ago and believe I have more energy and forget less. I was the person looking for her glasses when they were on her head and now I am the girl who remembers not only where my glasses are but also my keys.

Glycine Powder USP Grade
James (Michigan, United States)
Elite Glycine

Best powder I’ve seen/had... top of the line quality. Enjoy!

Vitamin B1 Powder Thiamine HCl USP Grade
RYAN K. (New York, United States)

Feels potent when taken with a large portion of carb, substantiated by bitterness on the tongue. Helpful in instances of low energy or brain fog. Most important, no fillers.

Grass Fed Beef Kidney
Sean B. (Texas, United States)
Kidney Supplement

Outstanding product. Been taking it for several months. Age spots have become less and less over time. The company is an absolute pleasure to deal with. They excel in every category... Gold Standard in every way. You will NOT be disappointed in their products or service. Definitely a customer for life.
Thanks guys...!!!

Grass Fed Beef Thyroid - Natural Desiccated Thyroid Supplement - NDT

Maybe I'm too old...

I just turned seventy one and have been taking this product faithfully for five weeks. I have seen no results. Because it was limited, I ordered several bottles and will continue to take them. If I see results, I will update my review.

Feeling the difference

From the very first day I could feel something was working. Made the mistake of taking 2 scoops in one day too early on and had to dial it back. Less is definitely more. I'm feeling much better in general and feel power returning to my muscles that I haven't felt in a decade. I'm 61. Looking forward to continued success. I'm sooo grateful to have found this product!


I am so thankful to find this company! The thyroid is exactly what i need and it works great!

Amazing Thyroid product

Another supplier for my NDT has been out of their product for months. Saw online where someone suggested this and wow. It's even better than any product I've ever used.

Very Expensive

I have to say that I found your product as good as another one that I have used for quite sometime. However, the formula has changed since the pandemic contrary to what they say. However, I go through your little bag way too fast and it is getting too costly.

LGS3: Orange-Red & Red 620nm - 670nm
Fiona T. (California, United States)
Helped with eczema

I've been suffering from eczema on my face. Used the light on the affected area for 10 minutes this morning and it helped relieve itch and redness. Even better than cortisone creams and much safer!

Cascara Sagrada
Ben (North Carolina, United States)

Cascara Sagrada