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Very good quality NDT

I've tried several other sources of dessicated thyroid being sold online, but none have had the same feeling of potency that this one has. Never fail to get warm hands and feet and a general sense of wellbeing after even one scoop.

Grass Fed Gallbladder & Ox Bile
Tomeika (Utah, United States)
Gall bladder

Clean product without fillers. I found it helpful.

Grass Fed Beef Thyroid - Natural Desiccated Thyroid Supplement - NDT

Grass Fed Beef Adrenal Gland
Marie B. (Oklahoma, United States)

I take this a few times a week and definitely notice an upgrade in my energy!

LGS7: Deep Red 670nm
roger s. (Texas, United States)

LGS7: Deep Red 670nm

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
Michael L. (Hawaii, United States)
freeze dried testicle

take it daily. Feeling great

LGS7: Deep Red 670nm
John K. (Georgia, United States)

LGS7: Deep Red 670nm

Grass Fed Beef Prostate
Tc (Washington, United States)
Great Product

Nice feeling of happiness and noticeable increase in bloodflow to the prostate area. Definitely buying again!

Magnesium Hydroxide Powder - USP Grade
Mark K. (Virginia, United States)
Mg Water Works

Its hard to find food grade MgOH so I was happy to get the double sealed package so quickly. The instruction sheet was very helpful. So easy to do! Because our water is so hard I use distilled water and thought at first it would taste bland but found it has a pleasant, almost sweet taste. My wife just adds a little piece of lemon to hers. I sleep better and my tendonitis is almost gone now after a couple weeks.

LGS7: Deep Red 670nm
Julie H. (New York, United States)
love this lamp

Great product came fast in perfect condition.

Feeling Fine

I reserve any other comments until I verify the results after my next blood test and Doctors visit so for right now all I will say is that I feel just fine!!! I will be commenting after the verified results! So far I FEEL FINE (GOOD)!!!!

Saved my dog

My dog can't tolerate any synthetic levothyroxine. It has been a very sad journey until I found Life Giving Stores dessicated beef thyroid. It is controlling his hypothyroidism and I have my dog back again. Thank you for making this product!

Nano Soma
Sandra B. (District of Columbia, United States)
First Timer

I thought long and hard about ordering this product. I am happy I chose this company. The customer service is awesome.

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
David M. (Washington, United States)
Life Giving Store is No Bull

Been about one month and improved in

Pain much reduced
Mood improvement
Been at half the recommended dose so far. May ramp up to the full schedule to determine if further changes are experienced.

Vitamin C - Quali-C by DSM
Karel P. (Mississippi, United States)



Your thyroid product works very well. My only complaint is how long it took to get here.

Grass Fed Beef Liver
Kerry G. (California, United States)
Liver caps

Great product... great customer service as well!!!

Vitamin C - Quali-C by DSM
STL (Washington, United States)
Vit C

I thought having a powder vit C (not in a capsule) would be difficult to use. I love that I can put the vit C powder in my juice. Gives it a nice tartness. I also put some into a very small container with my facial moisturizer. Seems to make my moisturizer absorb into my skin better..Love that’s it’s not from China!!! Will definitely buy again from this company.

Life Saver

This Cascara is gold. It’s gentle, yet gets the job done. It has helped with my chronic constipation/energy struggle tremendously. So grateful!!

Grass Fed Beef Liver
Monica O. (Colorado, United States)
Grass fed beef liver

I have been taking gf beef liver supplements for some time now. I am a big believer in taking liver and organ supplements. I had been buying another brand but frankly the cost is too high. The price for these supplements is much better and the quality is the same. I am glad to have found this seller.

Quality product

I’m sure this product helps a lot of people, but it thoroughly tanked me. I don’t regret having tried it as I rule out possible treatments that don’t work for me. Thyroid PMG seems to be helping me. Gotta give it more time (and labs) to be sure tho.

Grass Fed Beef Adrenal Gland
John M. (Georgia, United States)
great product

I found LGS after a long search. I only know of one other provider that does NZ organ meats in collagen capsules and they are frequently out of stock and are price gouging. Nice to know LGS is fair and has a good product. Let's hope the prices and availability remains reasonable.

Grass Fed Beef Lung
TJ P. (Minnesota, United States)
haven't had time

really, furnace has been acting up. winter is on us. haven't worked your products into my repertoire. took a few before the S hit the fan, didn't notice anything bad or good. I can tell it's top notch stuff though, both the liver and the lung. just too harried right now to feel the relief.

Grass Fed Beef Lung
Cathy S. (New Jersey, United States)
Quality Is Excellent

I can't say I've taken the Beef Lung capsule regularly since I received it. So true results are still too soon to be realized. But I did open the capsule and taste the contents and compared to other Beef Lung supplements I've tried, this tastes like a real 100% beef product. One other beef lung supplement I tried tasted more like vitamin C. So, so far so very good. Thanks!

Homemade Soap Blend 2
Karen (Georgia, United States)
Great soap

Soap smells nice for being unscented. Really like the quality ingredients.