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BL11: Orange, Red & Infrared 620nm - 670nm - 760nm - 830nm
William M. (Mississippi, United States)
Love my red therapy panel.

Love my red light therapy. !!! It’s already helping arthritic joints for me. Use it 4-5 times weekly. Sometimes twice a day.

After starting thyroid supplement I notice that my lower back is not as painful as before. Subtl...

Thank you.

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
Elizabeth R. (South Carolina, United States)
My husband has increased his testosterone!

This supplement was not something that was easy to convince my husband to try out! But within 2 weeks he was sleeping through the night after months of restless sleep and his “mojo” is back too. We will be lifelong customers.

Grass Fed Lamb Thymus
Brandy P. (Texas, United States)

I have Hashimoto’s and it’s really helping me turn around my thyroid issues.

Vitamin C - Quali-C by DSM
Lucienne J. (Florida, United States)
Great quality

This is just the best, great quality, easily dissolves in water and I simply trust this company!

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
Dante C. (California, United States)
Great product

Since I been taking this product my swimming is better I feel stronger, can’t wait for it to restock so I can order more of it. Thank you

Absolutely the best NDT ever

I have tried them all. You do not want to be using the prescription NDT as they have many really bad additives, (dextrose, modified corn etc - additives that once might be ok but if you really do not want to consume these daily for years.) Here you avoid all the additives including the capsule. And anyway this powder is so much more powerful than any other NDT. So prescription NDT is not an option for me, synthetic hormones do not work (they just keep you ill forever) so I have tried many over the counter NDTs and this is by far the best. Thank thank thank you for leaving it in just powder form. It will take some time to adjust the correct dose, start really slow, and you might also need to adjust it after some time. I need more in the winter (understandably) and less in the summer. I use about 2 packets a month so it is not cheap (and I have been using this one for a few years) so it is not cheap but it is an investment into yourself and that is the best investment you can make. Thank you LGS for this product!

This is a life saver

Ran out of my porcine and couldn't get it for awhile and was afraid I'd get ulcers again. This bovine NDT was shipped quick and did the job. I didn't have to go long enough without and NDT to have the digestion slow down and get ulcers. This works! I might switch over to it permanently.


Excellent dessicated product.

Nano Soma
Kayla B. (Utah, United States)
Wonderful product

We haven’t gotten sick since using the Nano Soma. My son was catching anything that came along. Now, he has stayed healthy along with the rest of my family using this product. Thank you so much

Vitamin B3 Niacinamide Powder USP Grade
Tami N. (Indiana, United States)
more energy

Seems to be helping with more energy.

Grass Fed Lamb Thymus
Deby E. (California, United States)
My dogs love it

I use this product on my older rescued dogs who are arthritic. Seems to help and also keeps their immune system strong. I use it with CBD. Have not tried it myself as I am a vegan for over 40 years.

My beautiful 10 yr old Boxer, Angus, had begun loosing his hair around his neck a few years ago. We thought it was his collar. This past summer he started to lose the hair on his chest, belly, neck. He basically started to look like a hairless cat! A trip to the vet and some blood work done determined that his thyroid level was in the normal range, but at the low end of it. Her recommendation was further testing and daily thyroid pills. This dog WILL NOT swallow a pill without a serious wrestling match. Just the thoughts of having to do that every day for the rest of his life was just too much. So I went to the internet to see if there wasn't something, anything, else we could try. I found Natural Dessicated Thyroid Supplement. All the reviews were about people, not dogs. But way down near the bottom there was a review about a dog! I decided we have to try this. The thyroid supplement arrived quickly. I was amazed how little I had to give him- just one scoop a day, just sprinkled it on his food at supper time. 6 day later, 6 DAYS!!! he had hair growing on his chest! He has been on it now about 5 weeks. He is completely covered in thick, soft, beautiful hair! His hair is softer than it has ever been. In the past 2 yrs Angus has declined and we were preparing ourselves for him not living much longer. He slept most of every day, even when awake he just didn't have much energy. Not now! He has much more energy, seems more alert, and happier. Boxers live an average of 9-12 yrs. As a 10 yr old he is definitely an elderly dog. But I am so thankful we found your product because the rest of his life he will be feeling so much better, and he is definitely a chic magnet once again!

Synthroid Avoided

I started using desiccated thyroid along with Tyrosine, selenium and iodine. Within a month my blood work confirmed I was back to normal thyroid levels. Very happy with product. My doctor is monitoring my results and I appreciate the clean bovine source.

Grass Fed Beef Thyroid - Natural Desiccated Thyroid Supplement - NDT

Too soon to say. But I do appreciated a formula with nothing else in it. So at least we know what is what! Hope you will ask me for review again in a couple of months.

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
Francois P. (Western Cape, South Africa)
Good service good product

Very happy with product

Grass Fed Beef Liver
Cody S. (Arizona, United States)
Highest Quality Vitamin

Great product all the way around, just re-upped.

Grass Fed Beef Multi Organ Mix
Elizabeth H. (Ohio, United States)
My Lab test proof Products Work

When I started I had Hypothyroidism Hashimoto’s thyroiditis now after taking Thyroid Bovine lab test showed healing thyroid so much so that my endocrinologist cut Synthroid medication in half! I simply never told the doctor I hadn’t taken Synthroid since November 2021 I’ll just cut the thyroid bovine doses in half instead of taking four I’ll just take two .15cc scoops my next blood test is in two months I’ll let the results be know by all!! Wow Thank you

Grass Fed Beef Kidney
Sharon S. (Arizona, United States)
No more post nasal drip!

The kidney organs did three things for me. If I ate starchy foods I would get a constant cough from post nasal drip and the start of a bladder infection. I no longer get either and I no longer fall asleep midday! Great product!

Metasomer Topical Gel
Skye G. (New Mexico, United States)
Glad For Others

I really am glad for the other people that shared awesome testimonies on the product. I had high hopes that it would clear up the lichen planus on my lower lip, but it didn't seem to have any effect at all. I'll try it again on a wound or bug bites someday, but for now, I remain a little disappointed. Customer service was great in answering my questions. Good company!

Extra Handheld Power Cord
John J. (Connecticut, United States)
Great cord

Good luck trying to find this cord in Home Depot. This unique cord enables me to easily prop the red light lamp up against my aching shoulder with a pillow. I greatly appreciate this.

Feel good

I feel a difference in my overall mood

Grass Fed Beef Adrenal Gland
Undisclosed (Virginia, United States)
Excellence all around!

Excellent curation of products and excellent quality!!

Vitamin B1 Powder Thiamine HCl USP Grade
Jake (Oregon, United States)
Prompt service

Item came quickly and was as described. Appreciate the great service.