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Nano Soma
Shirley W. (Kentucky, United States)

I have really like the Nano Soma and I think it has helped me to have more energy! I also believe it’s good for my immune system.

Amazing product

My temperature is up with this product, huzzah!

Thyroid Support


I've reorderd...

I've been using for about a month and have to say how pleased I am. Weight gain stopped, mood improved, hair loss stopped, sleep improved. Overall my feeling of well being is so improved those close to me have taken notice. I won't test levels for a while, but frankly I expect no surprises. Thank you LGS from the bottom of my heart....I'm getting teary writing this <3

Grass Fed Gallbladder & Ox Bile
Christy (Virginia, United States)
Gallbladder & Ox Bile

Works great! I have zero complaints and my stomach no longer feels like it has rock sitting in it after meals. Will definitely be ordering this product again!

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic

Great Product!

I had a total thyroidectomy in 2012. I have been using LGS Beef Thyroid NDT for about 6 months. I wanted to wait until I had my thyroid panels tested before I left a review.

I had my FT4, TPO, and TSH tested and all were in the normal range. Everyone is different but I take 4 scoops on M, W, F and 5 scoops on T, Th, Sa, Su. (3 to 4 hours between doses). I also take it sublingually.

This product has been a life saver! T4 only protocol didn’t work well for me so I started ordering NDT from overseas countries. Lately the prices had gone up and it was hard to get so I thought I would Life Giving Store NDT a try and it has been amazing! It’s affordable and I can have it in a couple of days!

Precision Digital Gemini 20 Scale
TC (California, United States)
Daily use

I use the scale daily to measure my dose. I really appreciate being able to increase in very small increments. I have no complaints other than the instructions that came with it were not very useful. That's why I gave 4 stars, otherwise the scale is 5-star worthy.

Desiccated Thyroid Supplement

I feel great! have energy! Had to lower my dose, taking to much and was having a hard time sleeping. Awaiting blood work to actually see how its working. I am happy I am not on pharmaceuticals.


Excellent product. Outstanding service

Life Giving NDT

I love Life Giving dessicated thyroid. It is nice to use a tiny scoop instead of taking a pill and I like that it has no fillers. Great product and I am feeling very good on it! I am hypothyroid and was on levoxyl for 20 years. This works for me much better. Thank you!

I used alongside Progest-e

I did not feel much at first, like I did with Bovine Kidney, and even Bovine Prostate. However, once I put a couple drops of Progesterone in the Adrenal capsule, I felt awake and alert. I think this is great to replenish the adrenals.

Cholesterol Soap
Bita H. (New York, United States)
So moisturizing!

I love this soap! My skin is so soft, I will be buying more!

Grass Fed Beef Adrenal Gland
Rick (Georgia, United States)

Works as advertised!


I’m really liking this thyroid. It’s grass fed and so much cleaner than the pharmaceuticals that you really can’t trust. I’ve slowly weaned off my prescription and on to this and I feel great! Thank you!!

Glycine Powder USP Grade
Paula S. (Arizona, United States)

Super taste and mixes in liquids without clumping!

Desiccated Thyroid Suppletment

I am still experimenting with this supplement. I like it and feel a real difference. I had tried iodine in the past but felt very funny when I took it. This seems to help with appetite and brain fog.

Grass Fed Beef Adrenal Gland
Lynette H. (Oregon, United States)
Amazing energy!

Being in my 50's energy was starting to go in the afternoon. As suggested by an ND, I started taking a pill in the morning loved it so much my husband started as well and he is hooked! Thank you for making this product!

Grass Fed Beef Prostate
Herb H. (New Brunswick, Canada)

Grass Fed Beef Prostate

Great product

It helps with energy.

Nano Soma
roosevelt e. (Georgia, United States)

This is a great product. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I am 74 and I feel like I am 50 years old.

Chamomile - Organic
Christine L. (North Carolina, United States)
Smells amazing

Incredible quality.

Homemade Soap Blend 2
Evan L. (Illinois, United States)
My Head No Longer Peels After Shaving With This Soap

Since using this soap for shaving my head, I no longer have any peeling! Amazing!

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
Anonymous (Hawaii, United States)

This stuff will make your biceps grow biceps

Can’t tell anything, need to have thyroid tests to know if it’s meeting my body’s needs

Can’t tell anything