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Zinc Gluconate Powder USP Grade
Amy R. (Florida, United States)
Zinc Gluconate Powder USP Grade

Great to get Zinc in a powder. I put it in my coffee every morning!

Grass Fed Beef Multi Organ Mix
Lisa (Florida, United States)

Great product. Quality supplements

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
Scott K. (New Jersey, United States)

I only just started taking them today, actually, and I would like some actual testimonies from other users


This product is really great. Thank you for giving my energy back

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
Andrew J.I. (New York, United States)
No bull

I feel that the product is helpful. I’m 58 and I’ve been lifting heavier compound weights. I definitely recommend it.

Grass Fed Beef Multi Organ Mix
Naura W. (British Columbia, Canada)
Nourished and Balanced

I have used several products from Life Giving Store - I love them!! I feel they nourish and balance my body. Thanks so much!!

Reversed my poor metabolism

I have used this product for about 16 months she I love it. It has helped me rebalance my gut and given back my health in so many ways. I will never be without it.

Grass Fed Beef Brain
Ian B. (California, United States)
One of the best supplements on the market

This is one of the strongest supplements on the market, from mood to cognition, this is a must have for me

Magic Bacon Bits

Extremely potent. Glad I made this purchase

Exactly what I needed

I realised I needed a thyroid supplement, after years of declining health. I wanted to find an NDT supplement rather than go the synthetic route. However, most NDTs on the market are terrible - loaded with fillers and unreliably sourced. I read good things about this company and trusted the reviews. It's been a few months and so far, it's going great. I've adjusted perfectly, and sitting pretty on 1 grain a day. I recently tried going up to 1.5 grains and reacted badly, but maybe 1 grain is enough. My longstanding POTS has been healing to the point where it no longer meets the definition of POTS. This alone is huge, as it was debilitating at its worst. I suspect I'll be a long term user of this product!

Vitamin C - Quali-C by DSM
Fred S. (California, United States)
Reliable Service, Excellent Product Quality

My initial order never arrived and they sent out a new order promptly. The Vitamin C was powdery and packed in an airtight bag. The Life Giving Store seems like a reputable vendor.

Grass Fed Beef Thyroid---Top Shelf

Best quality thyroid

I’ve taken many thyroid supplements over the last 9 years and this Grass Fed Beef Thyroid is absolutely the best!

Grass Fed Colostrum
VICKI G. (New Mexico, United States)
Not sure yet...

During a very stressful time in life, it's hard to know it this Colostrum is helping or not. I will keep using it and see if my nerves settle down and I sleep better and energy improves. Hoping for the best!

LGS7: Deep Red 670nm
Alisa (Texas, United States)
So far, so good!

Lovely light. I’ve had it for about a month, and I’ve used it maybe 5 times, and it works well so far. The cord that came with it is a little short, so I can’t comfortably hang it over my bed canopy. But I’ve just been plugging it in and using it as a hand held light shining it over various parts of my face. Can’t say whether it’s made a difference yet, but it appears to be the high quality product that was promised. Thank you!

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
Jacob M. (Kentucky, United States)

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
Gregory R.T. (Pennsylvania, United States)
A Must Have - Instant Effects

I am very happy with this product and several others. The effects are instant and felt. I highly recommend this product (and many others).

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
Sampson M. (British Columbia, Canada)
Works as advertised

I'd recommend these to anyone looking to increase their T-levels. It's a noticables difference, especially with sex drive.

Grass Fed Lactoferrin
Gwen S. (Minnesota, United States)

Excellent product!

Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid Powder USP Grade
RENE F. (New York, United States)
Way better!!!

I have been using the B5 from you guys it dissolves perfect in water. The other I was using doesn't come close!

Vitamin C - Quali-C by DSM
Mari (Washington, United States)
The best vitamin C

It dissolves easily in water and is pure and non-GMO.

Grass Fed Beef Multi Organ Mix
Laura K. (California, United States)
A bit of the tidbits

Been enjoying these Beef Multi Organ Mix capsules, me and another are taking them daily and have had no ill effects. Neither of us eats organ meats as a meal, so thinking we are getting the benefit of some of the subtle nutrients found in the different parts. Just ordered 3rd bottle.

Grass Fed Beef Prostate
sharon (British Columbia, Canada)
Prostrate glandular

I love glandulars , it is a natural supplement, healing like with like..

Love this supplement

I will buy this for life!

Glycine Powder USP Grade
Shaun G. (Utah, United States)
Quality Product

The picture made it appear to be larger than the package actually is, but it’s still a good amount of glycine within. Double packaging helps to keep the light out and the contents fresh. I add it to my energy drinks, which makes them fizz up, but doesn’t affect the taste in a bad way since the glycine is sweet.