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Good Stuff!

Thanks to the medical community changing the parameters of "normal" thyroid function, finding a good quality supplement is vital to our health. This is a great quality supplement.


I haven’t had a TSH level below 4 before, after a month of taking NDT, it became 3.69. It’s a little progress but it definitely works and I’m hoping over time my TSH level goes down to 1.5.

Nutritional Yeast Flakes - Organic - Non-Fortified
Sherrie B. (Wisconsin, United States)
I really enjoy the Nutritional Yeast flakes

I'm very satisfied with the Taste and Quality of the Nutritional Flakes. I'll definitely purchase them again.

Grass Fed Gallbladder & Ox Bile
Andrew K. (Wisconsin, United States)
Will buy more. Recovers digestion

High cost but makes digestion GO like it should

Couldn’t tolerate

Bummed this product didn’t work for me. I took a tiny dose with breakfast and a tiny dose for lunch and I couldn’t fall asleep at night! Such a bummer. I had high hopes.

Grass Fed Beef Bull Testicle Supplement - Orchidic
Aleksandras K. (England, United Kingdom)
Felt a boost.

Felt a boost in my overall energy levels and was able to push a little harder in the gym. Thank you for this product.

Grass Fed Beef Prostate
Frank J. (Ontario, Canada)
No noticeable results as of yet

Been almost 5 weeks. No change at all. When I run out I will not reorder.


Taking this product seems to improve metabolism and relieve fatigue.

No noticeable results as of yet

I am giving a neutral rating. i am taking four male enhancement. two extra prostate and testicular capsules per day. It has been almost a month. I have noticed absolutely nothing happening so far positive. I was really hoping this was going to help. I have another month supply to go and hope something happens within that time frame...

Nice product!

I have used this treatment device on the head, eyes, thyroid, etc., but at this point in time I feel it is most effective for heel ligament disorders.

Cascara Sagrada
LH (Michigan, United States)

Would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone struggling to keep their bowels regular

Pau D'arco (Tabebuia Avellanedae)
Jack G. (California, United States)
Cured many ailments

My mom was having trouble with a bladder issue, she received two medications from the doctor, both caused substantial discomfort. I gave her pau d'arco tea for two days, and her problem healed instantly.

Grass Fed Beef Pancreas
Brianna (Wisconsin, United States)
Great product

I have bought the grass fed beef pancreas twice, and both times it has been very helpful for me. I would recommend this store for anyone looking for good quality beef organ supplements.

MASA Original Tortilla Chips
Connie M. (Texas, United States)
Masa Chips

Delicious - price was a little more than I expected. However, I will order the sample bags in the future.

Vitamin C Capsules - Quali-C by DSM
Melissa B. (Kentucky, United States)

Great product!

Vitamin B1 Powder Thiamine HCl USP Grade
GORDON W.W. (Florida, United States)
Good, pure product

I bought your Vitamin B1 (thiamine) for a friend, and he appreciated that it was not only high potency, but also free of contaminants and fillers like most supplements, and he says he feels better and good, fair price. Gordon Wayne Watts, in Plant City, FL


It seems to have helped my circulation. Although it hasn't helped my hot flashes as I hoped it would.

Great product and fast delivery

Great Company to order from.

Nano Soma
Susan E. (Louisiana, United States)
Nano order

Great product. Quick delivery

Good, but...

Before I bought the men's male enhancement, I had the testicles, the prostate and the brain. This combination worked extremely well. In comparison, taking the male enhancement was a bit of a disappointment.

Nasal Cannula With Adapter
Matei O. (Bucuresti, Romania)

Very useful product.

Glycine Powder USP Grade
ROBERT T. (Indiana, United States)
Glycine powder

I am taking this before bed and it is helping sleep somewhat. Thank you.

Grass Fed Beef Kidney
Amy (New York, United States)
Ankle swelling reduced, no histamine issues

I have been taking the beef kidney and the lamb thymus. My moderate ankle swelling is reduced, and I also have not had any histamine issues. Very pleased.

Cascara Sagrada
Jessie S. (Wisconsin, United States)
Cascara sagrada

I have redundant colon, pancreatic insufficiency, and gastroparesis, and this cascara helps my gut tremendously. It's a game changer. Plus it's the only one on the market that is properly well aged.

Nano Soma
Bob Z. (Connecticut, United States)
Great Company and Products

This is a great company with excellent customer service. I love the Nano Soma I bought and will buy from them again!