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  • Counters EMF radiation from many different devices
  • Advanced Technology Scientifically proven to normalize inter-cellular changes induced by EMFs
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To mitigate the strongest sources of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions and other significant culprits, consider addressing the following:

  • Internet Routers
  • Gaming Stations & Gaming Controllers
  • Baby Monitors
  • Wi-Fi printers, Smart Speakers (Alexa, Google Home), Wi-Fi Extenders, etc.
  • All Fans, AC Units, Air Purifiers & other Rotating Electric Motor devices – especially ones in or near your bedroom
  • Cordless House Phones
  • Beds which “plug in” – such as adjustable beds, beds with a grounding mat, etc

All our products are meticulously handcrafted using a special plant-based resin, which makes them a healthier alternative to typical chemical-filled resin products. Consequently, some imperfections may be visible on our resin-based products, including all Chips used in Cell, Laptop, Device Chips, as well as XL Bands. It’s important to note that the EMF sources listed above often emit radiation over 1,000 times higher than the safe levels, as defined by and others. Many are unaware that household fans produce a disruptive Electromagnetic Field, which is a different type of EMF that is more challenging for our products to remediate. Therefore, for optimal results, we recommend using a Device Chip and keeping fans, etc., at least 5 feet away from the edge of your bed. Additionally, we advise against using “bladeless fans,” as they are particularly difficult to remediate. The dimensions of the product are 0.25″ x 0.9″ x 0.9″

  • Placement: Clip the chip to the electric cord as close as possible to the device or appliance that you want to remediate. Ideally, the square chip should press up against the electric cord. If the cord is too thick, you can use electric tape to adhere the chip to the electric cord. When remediating a Wi-Fi router or similar devices, be sure to clip the electric cord, not a CAT5 or other cord
  • Compatible Devices: Devices that need remediation include all stronger microwave-producing devices such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-like devices. These devices include Wi-Fi routers and extenders, gaming consoles, cordless phone main stations, desktop PCs, baby monitors, microwave ovens (if used), smart speakers, grounding mats, and all electric motor devices in bedrooms or near where you spend much time, such as fans, air purifiers, and dehumidifiers
  • Important Note: Fans, air purifiers, or single AC units are not worse than a Wi-Fi router, but the type of EMF they give off is much harder to remediate. It is suggested to either not use them in the bedroom, put a Device Chip on the cord and keep them over 6 feet from the edge of your bed, or put two Device Chips on the same side of the electric cord and still keep them as far from the edge of your bed as possible

Important Detox Information: Approximately 20 percent of individuals engaging in home remediation, which includes addressing EMF emissions from devices like cell phones and laptops, may undergo a detox phenomenon lasting for a day, a few days, or, in rare instances, longer. Notably, individuals grappling with existing health concerns, such as auto-immune issues, or those in their elderly years, tend to be more susceptible to experiencing detox effects. While this detoxification is a positive indication of beneficial changes, it might be an uncomfortable experience. Slowly implement the products and stay well hydrated with good clean water (reverse osmosis or distilled water).

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GV (California, United States)
Feels like it neutralized the frequencies

I do recommend the device chip since it does seem to have shifted the way the inside of my home feels. I applied it to my router and overall it does feel less stressful. I think it really does make a difference!

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