Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF): An Epidemic of Biblical Proportions to Humanity

EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies, are more accurately called electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Modern technologies now expose us to high, unprecedented levels of lower frequency, man-made EMR from sources like cell phones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, power lines, appliances, and satellites. Frequencies range from 60Hz for electricity to 5G’s 38 billion Hz and up. All frequencies cause issues, but higher ones from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cell towers and satellites tend to be more problematic. Major problems, but with easy solutions.

When these EMF remediation products are applied, the amount of stress lifted off the body is incredible. This allows the body to heal and regenerate at an accelerated rate.

Why Are EMFs Harmful?

All man-made EMR, unlike natural EMR, is polarized. Polarized EMR can have greater biological effects due to:

  1. Ability to amplify intensities via constructive interference.
  2. Forcing charged molecules and free ions around living cells to oscillate, disrupting the cells electrochemical balance causing a tremendous amount of stress and chaos.

These features make man-made EMR more bioactive than natural radiation, explaining the increasing biological effects from modern technologies versus natural sources.

Barrie Trower EMF Damage To Children & Future Generations

Cell Phones Emit A Massive Amount of Radiation!

Reflex Study – How much DNA damage from Cell Phones?

US Gov’t Cell Phone & EMF Study

The Effects Of EMFs

  • Fatigue Issues 1
  • Sleep Disturbances 1
  • Concentration difficulties 1
  • Greater effects on Children 1
  • Headaches 1
  • Immune System Imbalances 1
  • Evidence for Alzheimer’s Disease 1
  • Evidence for Cancer Risks 1
  • A probably major cause of Autism 2
  • Lower melatonin production during sleep cycles 1
  • Lower sperm count and other reproductive issues 1

1. Pub Med.gov – Study “Magnetic-field-induced DNA strand breaks in brain cells of the rat.” By University of Washington’s Dr Henry Lai and Dr Signh study in 1995
2. Speeches and videos and writings by Dr Martin Pall, Washington State University

The Amount of Studies & Evidence is Staggering!

Evidence shows EMFs harm people more than smoking, yet the public remains unaware. Nearly 10,000 EMF studies from unbiased scientists with no agendas demonstrate this. Sources show increasing biological effects from modern technologies versus natural EMR, unlike expert claims of no proof of harm. Here are some of the unbiased sources below:

  1. BioInitiative Group -> https://www.bioinitiative.org/conclusions – (this is the best tab to start with – summaries of almost 2,000 studies here)
  2. Powerwatch -> https://www.powerwatch.org.uk/docs/aboutus.asp (like BioInitiative…been around for many years)
  3. EMF Alliance -> http://www.iemfa.org/ (Independent group of scientists & many studies, etc)
  4. EMF Scientist Group -> https://www.emfscientist.org/ (they have available 1000’s of studies they refer to on the Science & Policy tab)
  5. EMF Safety -> https://www.saferemr.com/ (check Archives on right)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I avoid EMFs?

Radiation is dousing the earth from your neighborhood’s Cell Towers, SCADA Poles, Smart Meters, and now we’re being hit hard from low orbit 5G Satellites as well. So you can be in the Rocky Mountains thinking that you are away from it all, but you are still being soaked with this radiation from above. Simply not having a router or cell phone, and paying to disconnect your Smart Meter is no where near enough anymore. We all need to address the elephant in the room (which is now the whole earth).

Do EMF Solutions products “block” radiation (EMFs)?

No their products do not block radiation. First, if they did then your cell phone, Wi-Fi router, Bluetooth devices, and other technology would NOT WORK. So blocking is not a realistic solution. Second, they don’t have to block it because they have found that the 2nd domino is what causes us issues. We call this 2nd domino “Subatomic chaos” which comes when radiation is absorbed into solid material (like your bed, your chair, your desk, and you!) then changes into a new form of energy. Our products address this “root cause”, the subatomic chaos, stopping the effects done to human cells (as Independent Studies have shown).

If I purchase the XL Band do I need anything else?

Unfortunately you cannot just wear a Personal Protection product, like our XL Band, to totally address EMFs properly. The Band is never going to be 99 or 100% protection. It is the best personal protection product in the world and it helps a great deal. But it’s strength varies depending on what EMF devices you are near or touching (like your cell phone, laptop, PC, gaming station, etc). When we remediate the most important devices one by one, and the space (with a Home Harmonizer) as well, then we can then be darn close to 100% perfect. Most of our many hundreds of testimonials come from those who fix everything correctly, or at least the main issues.

Can I use other EMF products with EMF Solutions?

If you don’t know the technology of the product you are using or if it doesn’t fit into one of these categories below then it is best NOT to use it with EMF Solutions’ products.  Sometimes other products make ours not work as well.  But you can add these (see below) with ours because they should not affect one another (they are doing different things):
-Negative ION products
-Schumann Wave products
-Shungite or other crystals (we find almost all don’t work anyway so 99% of the time these are fine)
-Grounding Products (although we don’t suggest this because this sometimes makes things worse)

What other things can I do to protect my family from EMFs?

First, we suggest taking a good, easy-to-absorb form of Magnesium (such as Magnesium Chloride) daily.  This is said to help your Calcium Channels to NOT malfunction, possibly protecting us from the effects of EMFs. Second, AVOID the things that EMF Solutions feels are “un-fixable“.  See the next FAQ for this info.

What technology devices are UN-Fixable?

This is subject to change at any time as technology gets stronger and changes over time.  But we feel that these are not able to be remediated enough.  In other words, we at EMF Solutions will use a Cell Phone, Router, etc, etc, but we will NOT use these:
-BLADELESS FANS (which are basically gimicks…too hard to fix the different kind of radiation coming off of these)
-WHITE NOISE MAKERS (that use a fan…the ones which use a speaker are fine)
-EAR BUDS & HEARING AIDS (these are all too small to remediate well enough.  If you have to use a Hearing Aid we suggest taking it out when you can and not choosing ones with no or less Bluetooth.  We also suggest always wearing an XL Band when wearing a Hearing Aid)

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