Help Move Lymphatic Fluid With “Shaking The Tree”

One of the easiest and highly effective ways to move lymphatic fluids is “Shaking The Tree”. No need to spend the big dollars on over priced rebounders and trampolines. You can simply go outside and ground yourself while also moving and stimulating the lymphatic system with this simple, yet no cost movement. You can even do it while watching the evening news. Whatever environment you choose rest assured you are stimulating your Great Lymphatic System when doing movements like Shaking The Tree or other Qi Gong practices.

Another Effective Way To Help Move Lymph

Without a doubt, one of the most powerful ways to move lymph fluid is with Inclined Bed Therapy.
We have found this to be a really effective way of keeping the lymph system moving. And for almost no cost at all, you can help move your life towards regeneration.

In Conclusion

Moving your lymph is paramount to health. If your lymph stagnates things start to break down due to acidosis. So by doing simple things like Shaking The Tree and Inclined Bed Therapy you can help keep the lymph moving and move down the road of restoration.

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