Regrow Hair With Red Light Therapy

Is your hair thinning? Did you know red light therapy can help regrow hair? It can also help to slow down male pattern baldness or possibly even reverse it. Meanwhile, making your hair more thicker/fuller, and increasing it’s tensile strength. Modern day illnesses and hair loss are from a lack of energy. Red light therapy can stimulate hair growth by delivering energy to the scalp, roots and follicles. This can help combat the mark left by modern day stressors that contribute to hair loss.

What Wavelength Is Best For Stimulating Hair Growth?

Scientific research into which wavelength of red light therapy is best for stimulating the growth of hair has been carried out. The results were conclusive with the spectra that was tested. The near infrared 830nm by far was the best wavelength at stimulating hair growth.

Overall, the results indicated that low-level laser therapy (LLLT) with a 830-nm wavelength resulted in greater stimulation of hair growth than the other wavelengths examined….


It’s easy to see that red light therapy is a wonderful tool to have in your metabolic toolbox to help combat losing your hair. The near infrared wavelength of 830n-nm is the most optimal and will help to stimulate and regenerate hair growth. The mechanism is that it delivers energy to the area, so life can function as it should. Our modern day lives of being indoors, under fluorescent lights, is not optimal. You can help over come this with red light therapy which will deliver energy to your life.

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