Skeptical About EMF Solutions Products? We Were Too…..

We all know that there are a ton of options out there for EMF radiation mitigation. When we heard about EMF Solutions our first reaction was one of caution. After spending a considerable amount of time looking into the company and verifying their claims along with experiencing the profound effects these products brought ourselves, family members, and friends. We are wholehearted believers in this technology.

EMF Solutions Sceptical

First, Dr. Martin Pall PhD found that EMFs harm the body via the voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs). These channels get stuck open and allow the cell to be flooded with calcium. This causes all kinds of havoc and chaos within the cell and allows the body to degenerate and break down at an accelerated rate.

Second, EMF solutions uncovered the reason these VGCCs get stuck open. It was not the actual EMF hitting the cell. It was the EMF hitting solid objects around the person, these solid objects start vibrating really fast on a molecular level causing the resonance in the area to change via subatomic chaos which the body picks up on and the VGCCs start malfunctioning. Don’t think vibration can have a profound impact on the environment around it? Watch this video:

EMF solutions found a way to calm and harmonize this subatomic chaos via rare earth minerals. They are the only company to find the root cause (subatomic chaos) and are properly able to address it. Basically when you use these products it is creating a field of protection which harmonizes the waves that are in complete chaos. This process takes an immediate amount of stress off the body allowing it to heal and regenerate on its own.

Does EMF Solutions Provide Proof Of Their Claims?

If they did not provide proof, we would not be carrying them. EMF Solutions conducted independent studies utilizing a third party scientific laboratory. The scientist who carried out the study remarked “It was like the router was not even there!” That is quite a statement coming from a scientist.

This video below shows how the test was carried out and the results:

You can also view more studies at this link.

Dr. Vita ( Dr. Mazivita Maziveyl) Conducts Independent Study

Dr. Vita (or Dr Mazivita Maziveyi) conducted the Independent Lab Study showing EMF Solutions’ products working to normalize changes within human cells in 2021. Here’s some info about her credentials (which can be internet searched):

Dr. Vita has 17 Publications and a ton of (680) citations. (Citations mean other scientists, etc, are quoting your work… so these are very good to have as a researcher.) See her profile and also see just one other study that she did for example… which was published on NCBI (Pubmed). She is very experienced and good at what she does.

The significance of this study is that it shows the root cause of EMF effects on people being fixed for the first time ever. All of the other 1,000’s of studies are really important but are actually just “cause and effect” studies which do not address the root cause at all.

You can download the summary of the study here:

Her rating as a researcher:

Another study example (on Pubmed/NCBI):

Studies Smudies! How Does It Work In Real Life?

Studies are not your thing? No worries, we have seen this carry over into real life. A close family member received these products from us as a gift. This person was barely able to sleep 4 hours a night. After utilizing the EMF Band XL, the iCell chip, car harmonizer, and device chip on the fan next to their bed and also their router. This family members sleep immediately improved and continues to improve. They are able to sleep 8 hours or more a night and the sleep is deeper then they can ever remember.

We personally have witnessed incredible results ourselves. Putting on this technology takes a tremendous amount of stress off the body so that it is able to heal and detox at an accelerated rate. We are so confident in these products that we have no issues using our electronics like cell phones and WIFI devices in full confidence we are protected.

If you want to see more testimonials you can click on this link and read them towards the bottom of the page.

60 Day “No Hassle No Reason Needed” Return Policy

Still not convinced? We are so confident you will want to keep these products once you try them that we offer a 60 day “No Hassle No Reason Needed” return policy. Easy peasy. We are confident you will not regret giving it a go.

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