Whole Food Highly Nutritious Beef and Sheep Organs & Glands

Before the rise of the industrial complex the natives and people of old ate “nose to tail” and made the best use of the entire animal available to them. Nowadays, we only eat the stress inducing muscle meats of the animal which are high in harmful amino acids as Ray Peat has written.

“When only the muscle meats are eaten, the amino acid balance entering our blood stream is the same as that produced by extreme stress,

Ray Peat “Gelatin, stress, longetivity”

All the while, we bypass the organs and gland’s where the most optimal nutrition and healing capacity is contained. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, naturally occurring hormones, enzymes, and co-factors you cannot find anywhere else. Along with a better amino acid profile that does not stress the body.

“Like For Like”

The Native Americans and their beloved healers along with the older generations knew that eating “like for like” nourished, strengthened, supported, and healed the corresponding organ or gland. If the person was having heart problems, the ancestors would supplement them with heart. If they were having issues with immunity, recurring colds, flu’s, infections, they know to supplement them with Thymus. If a male was having vitality issues, the Ancestral healers of old would supplement Testes of an animal. And on and on….

Great! Let’s Head Down To The Butcher & Get Healed!

Not so fast! Due to regulations in the United States a lot of these organs and glands are not available. For the most part, you simply cannot walk into your local butcher and procure these. While it may be possible to find one who will do it for you, on the grand scale of things, it is just not available. We know, because we tried! Our local butcher threw her hands up in the air in a helpless like gesture. She wanted to be able to provide it to us, but she could not. Her hands were tied! This is when we decided that we needed to find another way to get these highly nutritious and healing foods. Our ancestors of old healed and doctored their people by supplementing them with specific organs and glands, we knew we had to find a way.

High Quality Source

So the hunt continued, we started researching where we could find the highest quality bovine(cow) and ovine(sheep) organs and glands available. Low and behold, all roads led us to New Zealand. Due to their climate, grass grows all year round providing the much needed fuel to grow some of the most robust and healthy livestock on the planet. New Zealander’s are known for their animal husbandry skills, they excel is keeping their animals in prime shape. With their knowledge that has been handed down from generations, and the climate available to them, it makes for an incredibly nourished, loved and well taken care of live stock.

Not only that, New Zealand is known for having the most strict governmental regulatory systems in existence. Their bio security system is the best in the world. Due to their extensive certification requirements, along with the auditing and licensing procedures. You can rest assured knowing exactly where our organs and gland’s are sourced.

Our Promise

We know how important quality is. Especially when it comes to health and family. Our promise to you is to provide the highest quality bovine and ovine organs and glands available on the market. Our products are freeze dried to preserve the precious nutrients, enzymes, naturally occurring hormones, and other co-factors to give you the most complete and closest to nature product available.

  • 100% Grass-fed & Grass-finished
  • New Zealand Origin Known For Their Pristine Farming Conditions
  • Freeze Dried – The Most Advanced Preserving Method Protecting Heat Sensitive Nutrients
  • No Fillers, Flow Agents & Binders. Only 100% Pure & Additive Free
  • Non De-fatted – All vitals nutrients, enzymes, naturally occurring hormones, and co-factors are left intact.
  • Manufactured in the USA. The Capsules Are Packed By Our Family. We will not cut or fill with cheaper organs to make it look like you are getting more. Always 100% as advertised.

What Does Ray Peat Say About Consuming Organs & Glands?

Ray Peat is well aware of the metabolic boosting properties of regularly eating glands and organs. Here is a quote by him from “Generative Energy: Youth, Energy, and Regeneration”

“The dietary hormones are probably responsible for the high metabolic rate of the Eskimos, [] glands, skin, and brains are regularly eaten.”

Ray Peat

In Conclusion

Eating “nose to tail” allows for assimilation of nutrients, enzymes, naturally occurring hormones and co-factors that you cannot get from anywhere else. The healing powers of eating this way was how our ancestors supplemented themselves while healing and regenerating their people. This way of eating was lost to the industrial revolution, and so was a lot of our health and robustness. We are looking to bring this back and provide the highest quality bovine and ovine organs and gland’s for our family and yours. We know these supplements which was normal to our Ancestry, will “Bring Energy To Your Life”.

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