Welcome to a Vibrant New World: Discovering the Joy of the Low Vitamin A Diet

TL;DR: Embrace a Low Toxin Diet by avoiding high vitamin A and copper foods

For animal foods, this means no liver, egg yolks, dairy, and pork. In plant foods, steer clear of colorful fruits and veggies, like yellow, orange, red, and green ones, as well as similar colored grains and beans. Skip trendy health concepts like “eating the rainbow.” It’s okay to eat peeled or cut plant foods where only light green or pale parts remain. This leaves you with lean red meat, poultry, grains, beans, and select fruits and veggies to enjoy.

Homemade lunch. Black beans, Beef or Steak, and white rice.

Meet Your Inspirational Guide: Grant Genereux

 Let’s introduce you to Grant Genereux, a remarkable individual whose journey could light up your path to wellness. This innovative engineer uncovered the secret to overcoming chronic kidney disease (CKD) and eczema. His groundbreaking idea? Treating vitamin A not as a nutrient but as a toxin. His diet, rich in bison, rice, and a hint of olive oil, has evolved to include fiber-packed beans, essential for detoxifying. A decade later, he’s thriving with impressively low vitamin A levels and his conditions in remission. Grant’s story isn’t just inspiring—it’s a beacon of hope for many!

Dr. Smith: Charting a New Course in Health

 In 2018, Dr. Garrett Smith, a visionary Naturopath, was captivated by Grant’s healing journey. Dr. Smith’s exploration revealed that Grant’s hypothesis was a groundbreaking discovery overlooked by mainstream science. With his extensive clinical experience, Dr. Smith became a trailblazer, broadening Grant’s dietary approach and focusing on holistic detoxification for total body rejuvenation.

Are You Ready for a Low Vitamin A Lifestyle?

 If your diet journey has been colorful and varied, you might be perfectly poised to embrace a low vitamin A lifestyle. Whether you’ve experimented with different diets or used products high in vitamin A, this could be your moment for a transformative shift. The first empowering step? Reducing your toxin intake through mindful eating and skincare choices.

Your Path to Change: Simple Dietary Tweaks for Big Results

 Thinking of reducing vitamin A in your diet? Grant’s method could be the key to unlocking your healthiest self. A diet rich in naturally low vitamin A foods like lean red meats, grains, and beans lays the foundation. Complement it with low vitamin A vegetables and fruits, focusing on the lighter shades of the color spectrum. Balance your meals with careful attention to the right mix of protein and carbs for effective detoxification.

Celebrate Your Unique Journey

Remember, each of us is unique, and so is our response to dietary changes. Listen to your body and adapt accordingly. Personalized attention is crucial, especially if you’re dealing with additional toxicities.

Copper Awareness: Looking Beyond Vitamin A

 As you dive into the low A lifestyle, keep an eye on copper content in your replacement foods. A common report in health improvement circles is copper toxicity. Beans, nuts, seeds, cocoa, and chocolate can contribute, alongside cookware and copper pipes. Awareness of potential burdens beyond vitamin A enhances your holistic well-being journey.

 Early in your low vitamin A journey, tools like Cronometer can be incredibly helpful in tracking your progress. But as you grow more in tune with your body’s needs, you may find these tools less necessary.

Kickstart Your Journey with Simple, Balanced Meals

Begin with a straightforward approach: a balanced diet with low vitamin A grains and meats. Gradually introduce fruits and vegetables as your body adjusts. Beans are a great source of fiber, and a little fat or oil, like refined coconut oil, can be used for cooking.

Hydration Excellence: Choosing the Right Water

 Pure water, especially from reverse osmosis or distillation, is key for hydration. It’s not just about quenching thirst; it’s about supporting your health and detoxification process.

Join a Community of Like-minded Adventurers

Embarking on this journey can seem daunting, but you’re not alone. Online communities offer a wealth of shared experiences and support. If you love connecting with others on similar paths, these groups are a treasure trove of camaraderie and insights.

Begin Your Low Vitamin A Journey with Excitement and Awareness

 Step into this new lifestyle with enthusiasm and a deep understanding of your body’s needs. This could be the life-changing journey you’ve been searching for. Explore new horizons of wellness, carve your unique path, and step into a toxin-free, healthier you!


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