LGS1: Orange & Red - 610nm - 630nm - 670nm

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The LGS1 is designed with peak absorption in the orange (610nm), red-orange (630nm) and red (670nm) wavelengths.

Red light therapy is widely used by medical, sports, and dental medicine to treat injuries and help speed recovery. Red light therapy is even used by NASA to keep astronauts healthy in space! The Orange and Red Light Therapy Handheld Device is designed with the light spectrum’s in mind that will directly activate and stimulate your metabolism, rejuvenating skin, while enhancing your life energy. This highly efficient handheld LED, very powerful, yet compact orange and red light therapy device will target the correct wavelengths that activate Cytochrome C Oxidase which stimulates energy in the mitochondria where power is generated inside our cells. The power cord is wrapped in thick fabric to give it a nice feel when holding. Also, the base of the light socket is surrounded by silicone which gives it a nice and comfortable feel as you use the device.

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Ray Peat on Red Light

Handheld Light Instructions

Power Specifications Power Density Light Spectrum & Info Included In Box & Warranty
Consumes 17.2 Watts
150mW/cm² @ 0″ 610nm – Orange 25%LGS1
Fits any e27/screw lamp 100W/cm² @ 4″ 630nm – Red-Orange 25%6 1/2 Foot Custom Power Cord Wrapped In Thick Fabric
Accepts worldwide voltages50mW/cm² @ 8″ 670nm – Red 50%Information sheet
Completely Silent 25mW/cm² @ 16″
1 Year Warranty

10mW/cm² @ 31″

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