Red Light Therapy Buying Guide

Quick Summary:

If you are new to red light therapy, we suggest purchasing a light from the list below that best suits your budget:

LGS1 –  Handheld For $119.99

PL1 – Pod Light For $399.99

MBL1 – Mini Body Light For $475

BL1 – Body Light For $745

When you buy one of the lights above,  you will be well on your way to feeling great! There is no reason to stress out and beat yourself up with trying to make a decision on which light to choose. Simply pick the light above that your budget can comfortably afford. Soon enough, your friends will be wondering why you have that extra pep in your step, and feeling so great all the time and looking more energized! Give yourself the advantage over your friends and neighbors and enhance your life with light therapy.

If you have experience in light therapy and want to harness the power of infrared light. Then choose a light below that best suits your budget:

LGS11 – Handheld for $119.99

PL11 – Pod Light For $399.99

BL11 – Body Light For $745

Purchase a light from the list above and you will be well on your way to being revitalized!

More Detailed Version:

Visible Orange & Red versus Invisible Infrared

The orange and red spectra of light penetrates the first couple millimeters of skin. Even though it is invisible, infrared penetrates much deeper. If you want to target deeper tissues, organs and even bones, then infrared is the way to go.

Our lights are designed with maximum energy absorption in mind.  They are well thought out and target the specific wavelengths that react with Cytochrome Oxidase. In turn, this increases the production of ATP. These ATP are the powerhouses in your body which will increase your overall energy and well being.

We see people stress out over which spectrum of light to buy. Rest assured, there is no reason to sweat this one bit. All our lights do their job of delivering energy to your life, and they do it well. The reviews speak for themselves.

Different Levels Of Light

We have 4 levels of lights. Starting with handheld lights, then pod lights, then mini body lights, and finally body lights. As you go up each level, the red light therapy device will emit more light and cover more area. So the pod lights emit more light then the handheld lights. The mini body lights, emit more light than the pods lights and the handheld lights. And the body lights emits the most light of them all. For the best experience possible we suggest getting the biggest light your budget will allow.

Handheld Lights

For the handheld lights we feel the most optimal combination of lights is the LGS1  and the LGS10. This will give you visible red and orange in one light, and then infrared in a separate light. We have found keeping the visible and infrared separate is optimal since you have more control of the treatment due to infrared is much more powerful and less application time is needed.

If cost is an issue, you can get infrared and visible orange and red light therapy all in one light. You can do this with the LGS11,

If you are new to red light therapy, or do not want infrared, and only want visible red and orange, then the LGS1 is the way to go.

If you want a light that has only red, then the LGS7 is the way to go.

Body Lights

For the ultimate red light therapy experience we suggest the BL1, BL11or BL17.  With these lights you can treat your entire body in as little as 20 seconds.  The BL1 is visible red and orange, the BL11 is orange, red, and infrared, and the BL17 is red and infrared. These red light therapy body lights are incredible and emit an amazing amount of light. Body lights are truly the “Cadillac” of red light therapy and the results on health speak for themselves.

Quotes On Red Light

“Penetrating red light is possibly the fundamental anti-stress factor for all organisms. The chronic deficiency of such light is, I think, the best explanation for the deterioration which occurs with aging.” Ray Peat

“Red and orange wavelengths penetrate tissue very effectively, because of their weaker absorption by water, allowing them to react with pigments in the cell, such as cytochrome oxidase, which is activated (or re-activated) by red light, increasing the production of ATP. This effect counteracts the toxic effects of ultraviolet light, but there are probably other mechanisms involved in the many beneficial effects of red light.”Ray Peat

A Note About Metabolism and Red Light Therapy

All chronic disease comes from a breakdown of the metabolism, or a lowered metabolism. Once you understand this you can start to make the shift towards regenerative energy with powerful tools like orange, red and infrared light therapy that will raise the metabolism.

Orange, red, and infrared light therapy improves sleep quality making it easier to fall asleep and get a deeper, more restful night of sleep. It also increases overall energy, promotes youthful, healthy skin, and accelerates wound healing. It soothes tissues that are inflamed and promotes a calm energy while healing the body. For a more in depth article on how important red light is check out this post.

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