Ray Peat On Vitamin B1 – Thiamine

Ray Peat has written on the importance of Vitamin B1 also known as Thiamine. Here we will gather quotes from Ray Peat about the incredible power of Thiamine and it’s wonderful benefits along with the some of symptoms that can arise from deficiency of this crucial vitamin.

“All of the nutritional factors that participate in mitochondrial respiration contribute to maintaining a balance between excessive excitation and protective inhibition. Riboflavin, coenzyme Q10, vitamin K, niacinamide, thiamine, and selenium are the nutrients that most directly relate to mitochondrial energy production. “

Ray Peat

“The supplements that most often help to correct diabetes-like conditions are niacinamide, thiamine, thyroid, and progesterone or pregnenolone.”

Ray Peat

Heart failure, shock, and other problems involving excess lactic acid can be treated “successfully” by poisoning glycolysis with dichloroacetic acid, reducing the production of lactic acid, increasing the oxidation of glucose, and increasing cellular ATP concentration. Thyroid, vitamin B1, biotin, etc., do the same.

Ray Peat

“Factors that lower the stress hormones, increase carbon dioxide, and help to lower the circulating free fatty acids, lactate, and ammonia, include vitamin B1 (to increase CO2 and reduce lactate), niacinamide (to reduce free fatty acids), sugar (to reduce cortisol, adrenaline, and free fatty acids), salt (to lower adrenaline), thyroid hormone (to increase CO2).”

Ray Peat

“Unfortunately, the toxin that has become standard treatment for lactic acidosis–dichloroacetic acid–is a carcinogen, and eventually produces liver damage and acidosis. But several nontoxic therapies can do the same things: Palmitate (formed from sugar under the influence of thyroid hormone, and found in coconut oil), vitamin B1, biotin, lipoic acid, carbon dioxide, thyroid, naloxone, acetazolamide, for example.”

Ray Peat

” Sometimes a B vitamin deficiency, especially B1, can cause the fog. A supplement of 10 mg. is often enough to improve focus and prevent fatigue.”

Ray Peat

Question to Ray:

Q: Do you think pure USP B vitamins, like niacinamide or b1, are safe?

A:Because of individual sensitivities, each one should be tested carefully. Allergic reactions sometimes show up within a few minutes of contacting your mouth, other times it takes a couple of days to see a bad reaction. The worst one is B2, folic acid is next for allergies. B1, pantothenic acid, niacinamide and B6 are pretty safe.

Ray Peat via email

In Conclusion

As you can see vitamin B1 is very important for the body to make energy. Without Thiamine you cannot produce ATP. It is like having a fine tuned engine, but if there is no spark plug(Thiamine), without it you are not gonna make the power you need. Also, since being in the Ray Peat community our Thiamine needs are even higher due to our high carbohydrate consumption. So even more the reason to make sure that your vitamin B1 needs are being properly met. A big sincere thank you to Ray Peat for bringing this awesome vitamin to light and showing us how important it is.

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