LGS1 – Orange and Red Light Therapy Handheld Light

Life Giving Store is pleased to announce a new addition to our store, the Orange and Red Light Therapy Handheld Device, also known as the LGS1.

Red Light Therapy has been proven many times to be beneficial for life.  It works by penetrating the skin, going inside and activating the enzyme Cytochrome C Oxidase. Which basically turns on the mitochondria, generating energy for the body. The LGS1 is specifically designed to target the wavelengths where Cytochrome C Oxidase are activated. Many have reported incredible improvements after using these wavelength combinations.

Red light therapy can help move you towards regenerative energy. It accelerates wound healing, repairs and rebuilds skin through increased blood flow which brings more oxygen, CO2, and nutrients to the treated area. It increases energy levels by promoting the release of ATP within the mitochondria. Red light therapy helps to activate the lymphatic system which carries toxins and waste out of our bodies. All these combined increase immunity,  more energy, less fatigue, and is anti-aging.

No doubt, red light therapy can make a big difference in lives. And we feel this is a great product to have in your metabolic toolbox, especially with winter approaching in the Northern Hemisphere where the amount of light available is becoming less and less. Supplementing red light can help make up for this deficit by, Delivering Energy To Your Life.

Click Here To View the LED Orange & Red Light Therapy Handheld Device – LGS1

3 thoughts on “LGS1 – Orange and Red Light Therapy Handheld Light”

  1. janet christophersen

    I have the LGS1 and am very very pleased with it. I can feel the health difference wherever I use it. It was bigger than I expected, attractive solid and well made.
    These wavelengths encourage healthy endothelial cells lining blood vessels and their growth.. These cells respond to muscle and organ and tissue needs and when young regulate the proliferation of tiny blood vessels to feed them. With age or bad drugs like prednisone aka seratide, glucocorticoids, these small vessels shrivel and so do the muscles and everything the vessels served.
    I have just ordered the largest light BL1 with same wavelengths. Thought about it for quite while as in australia now very glad.
    Thank you life-giving store. thankful for integrity.

  2. I have a hypothyroid problem (11.15)….and a GERD with esophageal erosion (as i recall just above sphincter)….and degenerative cartilage in both legs….and lower back problems…will the red light be safe enough or reach deep enough to effect these conditions….is it effective, safe enough to use over gut? I noticed the advice to use vit b1 b3 helped calm body in 1st dose…

    1. Hi W Murrell, red light therapy is very safe. To reach deeper into the body having some infrared would be helpful. So I would also look into the LGS11 or LGS12. If you are able then step up into the MBL11 or BL11 which is the mini body light and body light.

      That is wonderful to hear about the B1 and B3! Basically, you need energy to relax. So your response to the B1 and B3 goes to show how important it is for energy production. You are well on your way to restoration once you can begin to make energy like that. Personally I would be looking to make sure I get enough oxtail soup for the gelatin and glycine to help to rebuilding process along.

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