Magnesium Chloride Powder USP Grade

  • Superior Quality & High Purity 99.99%
  • Promotes Good Muscle Function, Better Sleep
  • Shown to Reduce Stress Levels
  • Shown to Improve Cardiovascular Health
  • Shown to Reduce Pain and Inflamation
  • Supports Bone Health
  • Made in Czech Republic
  • Third Party Tested


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Magnesium Chloride USP Powder Overview

Magnesium chloride is a highly versatile and effective mineral supplement that offers a wide range of health benefits. As a natural source of magnesium, it can help to support healthy muscle function, promote better sleep, reduce stress, and even improve cardiovascular health. Magnesium chloride is also known for its ability to alleviate pain and inflammation, making it an ideal choice for athletes and anyone suffering from chronic pain. With its fast absorption and easy application, magnesium chloride is an excellent addition to any wellness routine.

One Of The Best Forms Of Magnesium

Magnesium chloride USP is considered one of the best forms of supplemental magnesium for several reasons. First, it has excellent bioavailability, meaning that the body can absorb it quickly and effectively. This is because magnesium chloride is a highly soluble form of magnesium that easily dissolves in water, making it easy for the body to absorb. To enhance the absorption even more, check out our topical magnesium & potassium spray recipe below!

Second, magnesium chloride USP has a high concentration of elemental magnesium, which means that a smaller amount of magnesium chloride is needed to get the same amount of magnesium as other forms of magnesium supplements.

Third, magnesium chloride is well-tolerated by most people and is less likely to cause digestive discomfort or diarrhea than other forms of magnesium.

Finally, magnesium chloride has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including supporting healthy muscle function, promoting better sleep, reducing stress, and improving cardiovascular health. For these reasons, magnesium chloride is an excellent choice for anyone looking to supplement their magnesium intake.

Benefits Of Taking Magnesium Chloride USP

Magnesium chloride offers numerous health benefits when taken as a supplement. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Supports healthy muscle function: Magnesium is essential for healthy muscle function, and magnesium chloride can help to maintain normal muscle function.
  2. Promotes better sleep: Magnesium has a calming effect on the body and can help to promote better sleep quality.
  3. Reduces stress: Magnesium plays a crucial role in regulating the body’s stress response, and supplementing with magnesium chloride can help to reduce stress levels.
  4. Shown to Improve cardiovascular health: Magnesium is essential for maintaining a healthy heart and cardiovascular system, and magnesium chloride has been shown to support healthy blood pressure levels.
  5. Shown to Alleviate pain and inflammation: Magnesium has natural anti-inflammatory properties, and magnesium chloride can help to alleviate pain and inflammation in the body.
  6. Supports bone health: Magnesium is necessary for healthy bone development and maintenance, and magnesium chloride can help to support strong bones.

Overall, taking magnesium chloride as a supplement can help to support overall health and well being, making it an excellent addition to any wellness routine.

Here are some studies that have investigated the health benefits of taking magnesium chloride:

  1. A study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition found that supplementing with magnesium chloride for six months resulted in significant improvements in markers of cardiovascular health, including blood pressure, total cholesterol, and LDL cholesterol levels. (ref:
  2. A study published in the Journal of Women’s Health and Gender-Based Medicine found that magnesium chloride supplementation improved sleep quality and reduced symptoms of insomnia in postmenopausal women. (ref:
  3. A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that magnesium chloride supplementation reduced muscle cramps and increased muscle performance in athletes. (ref:
  4. A study published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that magnesium chloride supplementation improved symptoms of depression in elderly patients. (ref:
  5. A study published in the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology found that magnesium chloride supplementation improved bone density in postmenopausal women. (ref:

These studies suggest that magnesium chloride supplementation may have numerous health benefits, including improving cardiovascular health, sleep quality, muscle function, mood, and bone health.


Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate USP Crystal Powder
Other ingredients: None

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1g (1 level 1cc scoop)  one to three times daily with 8oz of liquid, with a meal or as directed by a healthcare provider

We have discovered that applying magnesium topically yields the greatest benefits for our family. Below, we have provided the recipe we use. If you prefer not to include potassium, feel free to omit it from the recipe.

Magnesium-Potassium Spray Recipe:
1 cup of magnesium chloride
1 tablespoon of potassium chloride
1/2 cup of clear liquor (around 80 proof or 40% alcohol)
1/2 cup of clean water (RO, distilled, deionized)


Combine 1 cup of magnesium chloride and 1 tablespoon of potassium chloride.
Add 1/2 cup of clear liquor, ensuring it is around 80 proof or 40% alcohol.
Mix well to dissolve the salts.
Pour in 1/2 cup of clean water and continue mixing until thoroughly combined.
Transfer the mixture to a clean container with a spray nozzle, like a plastic hair spray pump bottle.

For Magnesium-Potassium Spray, use 20-40 sprays per day. Gradually increasing your dosage is recommended for optimal results. Begin with a lower dosage and gradually increase it over time until you reach the suggested dose. This approach allows your body to adjust and ensures a more comfortable experience. Remember, taking it slow and starting at a lower dose is often the best approach for incorporating any new supplement into your routine.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1g
Amount Per Serving: 1,000mg

Third Party Tested

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