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Increase Fertility With Red Light Therapy

Is a female limited to a certain amount of eggs? Is there a biological clock that is ticking and once it runs out the baby making days are over? NO WAY! She is only limited by her metabolism. Red light therapy can increase the metabolism making her more fertile and more likely to have a…

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Regrow Hair With Red Light Therapy

red light therapy

Is your hair thinning? Did you know red light therapy can help regrow hair? It can also help to slow down male pattern baldness or possibly even reverse it. Meanwhile, making your hair more thicker/fuller, and increasing it’s tensile strength. Modern day illnesses and hair loss are from a lack of energy. Red light therapy…

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Help Move Lymphatic Fluid With “Shaking The Tree”

One of the easiest and highly effective ways to move lymphatic fluids is “Shaking The Tree”. No need to spend the big dollars on over priced rebounders and trampolines. You can simply go outside and ground yourself while also moving and stimulating the lymphatic system with this simple, yet no cost movement. You can even…

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The Research Behind Red and Infrared Light Therapy

The therapeutic effects of red and infrared light therapy are well documented in the scientific community. Treatment with infrared and red light is called photobiomodulation . These treatments can be carried out with light emitting diodes also known as LED’s. Using photobiomodulation, an area is treated with light. This light improves the biological functions by…

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Inclined Bed Therapy – Increase Circulation For Better Health

Inclined bed therapy involves raising the head of your bed so that you sleep at an angle. No, not like a hospital bed where it bends in the middle. You want the entire bed to be at an incline. Therefor, your body will be in a position so that gravity will help with circulation. Who…

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Ray Peat On Cascara Sagrada

In this blog post we are going to gather quotes from Ray Peat on Cascara Sagrada. The incredible properties of Emodin which is one of the main substances of Cascara does some extraordinary things.  Ray Peat shines the light on why Cascara Sagrada is truly an miraculous substance. Without further ado, the wisdom of Ray…

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Ray Peat on Red Light

 Ray Peat has written about red light and it’s protective properties over the years. In this post we will bring together all the quotes of Ray Peat we can find on red light and it’s amazing properties. “Penetrating red light is possibly the fundamental anti-stress factor for all organisms. The chronic deficiency of such light…

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LGS1 – Orange and Red Light Therapy Handheld Light

Life Giving Store is pleased to announce a new addition to our store, the Orange and Red Light Therapy Handheld Device, also known as the LGS1. Red Light Therapy has been proven many times to be beneficial for life.  It works by penetrating the skin, going inside and activating the enzyme Cytochrome C Oxidase. Which basically…

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Cascara Sagrada

We are pleased to announce the availability of Cascara Sagrada sourced from Farmalabor in Italy! This Cascara Sagrada is the one recommendend by Ray Peat. Our family wholeheartedly agrees with this recommendation as we have tested many Cascara Sagrada powders over the years, and none compare to the quality of Farmalabor Cascara Sagrada. Making Cascara…

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Welcome to Life Giving Store

After finding the works of Ray Peat we have dedicated our lives to improving the metabolism. The metabolism is the life energy system of our bodies. We aim to bring the highest quality,  affordable products,  that stoke your metabolic fire and deliver energy to your lives. We welcome you on a journey together to improve…

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