LGS7: Deep Red 670nm


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  • Shown To Improve Eyesight
  • Energizes The Body
  • Shown To Increase Metabolism
  • Anti-aging
  • Shown To Reduce Pain
  • Shown To Reduce Fibrosis
  • Shown To Reduce Inflammation
  • Improves Stress Tolerance
  • Rejuvenates Skin
  • Improves Sleep
  • Reduces Joint Pain
  • Increases Libido
  • Shown To Accelerate Wound Healing
  • Shown To Improve Bone Health
  • Shown To Improve Cognitive Function
  • Shown To Improve Muscle Recovery


Power Specifications:

  • Consumes 16.7 Watts
  • Fits Any E27 Screw Lamp
  • Accepts Worldwide Voltages
  • Completely Silent


Light Spectrum:

  • 670nm – Deep Red 100%


Included In Box & Warranty:

  • LGS7
  • 6 1/2 Foot Custom Power Cord Wrapped In Thick Fabric
  • Information Sheet With Instructions
  • 1 Year Warranty


Red light therapy is stimulating to life. This Red Light Therapy Device is made with the wavelength in mind for maximum cellular absorption in the deep red 670 nano-meter spectrum. 670nm is in the range of wavelength that is incredibly stimulating to the metabolism. Activating the enzymes crucial for energy production, this red light therapy device is tuned specifically to coincide with peak absorption so that you will receive the best stimulation of life giving energy.


Red light therapy is well known in medical, dental, and sports medicine to speed up would healing, decrease pain and lessen work time loss. This red light therapy device works for you to bring life back into your cells, help with sleep, rebuild collagen in your skin for that youthful look, and improve your metabolism by delivering energy to your life.


Buying Guide

Ray Peat on Red Light

Handheld Light Instructions



Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Customer (Michigan, United States)
Too bright for your eyes

670 this light is not suitable for your eyes. It’s way too bright.

Alisa (Texas, United States)
So far, so good!

Lovely light. I’ve had it for about a month, and I’ve used it maybe 5 times, and it works well so far. The cord that came with it is a little short, so I can’t comfortably hang it over my bed canopy. But I’ve just been plugging it in and using it as a hand held light shining it over various parts of my face. Can’t say whether it’s made a difference yet, but it appears to be the high quality product that was promised. Thank you!

Uhane (Texas, United States)
Lovely relief

This item has brought me much relief from a sinus/postnasal condition that has plagued me for years. It has diminished in effects and it’s even even seemed to have diminished the wrinkles around that area and cleared uno the skin.I will be getting another one!

roger s. (Texas, United States)

LGS7: Deep Red 670nm

John K. (Georgia, United States)

LGS7: Deep Red 670nm

Julie H. (New York, United States)
love this lamp

Great product came fast in perfect condition.

Candace B. (Colorado, United States)
Worth a try

1 x LGS7: Deep Red 670nm : Every other night, now for about 10 minutes total, I use this light on my knees and toes which have been healing too slowly. The inflammation seems less painful and most interesting, my knees have regrown some hairs in the very first month. There has been no visible redness or burning side effects so I see no harm in continuing.

Sherri R. (New York, United States)

It’s great! Try it for pain, inflammation, ocular challenges et al

BARTOSZ G. (Lower Silesia, Poland)
Deep Red 670nm

The product came fast, safely packed. Works without problems. Comparing with 660nm LED it is not possible to tell the difference in color. Too bad it is so heavy and the center of mass is so outstanding, my Pixar-style desk lamp cannot hold it. I guess there is no way to tell how much good it actually does, it sure feels good to stare at it with closed eyes and proper grouding.

Christian L. (New York, United States)
Purchased Red light therapy

5 STAR Follow up - I was truly surprised by the reaction to my review.

Without asking, they sent out a replacement, sent me an email and then did follow up.

They were unbelievable to work with - I though it would be like most places where returns and replacement would be a struggle and probably not worth the hassle.

It was anything but that - can’t say enough about how much I appreciate how this was addressed.

I purchased the light and after the second day the lense cover, that helps distribute the light, fell off and will ot stay in place - poor quality controls.

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