Reviews of The Orange & Red Light Therapy LGS1

“@LifeGivingStore I received my light soooo efficiently that it surprised me :)

What great quality! The cord is strong, the on/off switch is easy to use. There is an informative sheet on how to use and suggestions.

The light is powerful! I held it towards my throat/thyroid about an arms length away for about a minute. This is 30 min later and I can still feel a pulsating sensation in my throat. With this device I think I see why @Daniel11 and @ecstatichamster talk about how much a difference it makes in their health.

For anyone considering purchasing this and are on the fence, I would not hesitate. The price is super reasonable and shipping within US was fast and pretty cheap.

Thank you again @LifeGivingStore. I now have two of your products – the cascara and the light. Both are such good quality. Along with Idealabs and Live Giving Store and Health Natura, the Ray Peat community is being blessed with such quality, Woot ❤️” -lisaferraro

“Hi everyone, I wanted to give another update:

This is my third day of using this new red light device from Life Giving Store and I *LOVE* it. Thirty minutes after using my new device – (just 30sec to one min on each part: face, neck/thyroid, hands, feet, forearms, belly, legs), my skin feels like I have been outside in the sun, warm, refreshed, tingly. It is raising my body temp up slightly, closer to 98.6 or normal.

Does everyone using this light get as excited as me? LoL

Seriously my body is sooo warm and feels so good after using.

AMAZING ❤️❤️” -lisaferraro

“I purchased my LGS1 on Friday afternoon. It arrived today (Monday) via US Priority Mail. The postage on the box was same as what I paid (meaning there was no extra charge for handling). The light was well protected by the packaging and it works fine.

I am using it on my thyroid, eyes (waving it back and forth in my field of vision) and the area over my hippocampus – Buscar con Google. As per the comments above, I using it for a short period of time and plan to increase the application time slowly.

It is a nice product. Let me know when there is a LGS2 product at your website.” -David PS

“Good price for the light, which made me pull the trigger to order it.

The quality of the product looks better in person than in the pictures from the web site.
I probably did not blow up any of the pictures before ordering. I thought the cord was all plastic but it was like a guitar cord type material and moves around good.

The light was brighter than I expected as I’ve never used led’s before. The fixture also seemed bigger in person than the pictures.” -Insaneacinamide

“Since my last (dubious) post concerning the LSG1, I felt the need to update. Since that time I have spent 10-15 minutes shining it on disparate portions of my face and body for different periods of time, about three times daily. (For this I have just used a holistic approach, and ‘what feels right’.) As previously reported, there is some type of ‘warming effect’ that is had from the light after sustained periods but by no means is it hot or burning. I’ve also spent time gazing directly into the light and then closing my eyes, when that seems too much. (As reported by another member, this seems highly beneficial.) There seems to be a transition into getting used to longer durations of experiencing the light and I believe that I am building up. Without realizing it entirely, as a component of overall health in conjunction with various other things in place — there is generally a feeling of well being and clarity that I can report after usage. I’m not sure that I can always directly relate it to sustained body temperature increase, but there is definitely an energy value and I can feel when I miss my afternoon session of light therapy at home — if I am at work or wherever. It’s a nice thing to have during these months where I reside, when I look outside into bleak, cloudy skies.” -Arnold Grape

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