Vitamin B1 Powder Thiamine HCl USP Grade

  • Supports Energy Production
  • Shown To Protect Nerves
  • Anti-Aging
  • Supports Digestion
  • Shown To Improve Brain Function
  • Supports Converting Carbohydrates Into Energy
  • Supports The Body To Produce Red Blood Cells
  • Shown To Reduce Lactic Acid
  • Shown To Prevent Fatigue
  • Shown To Reduce Brain Fog
  • Supports Mitochondrial Energy Production
  • Shown To Lower Stress Hormones
  • Sourced from Germany


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  • 50 Grams of High Purity & High Quality Vitamin B1 Thiamine HCl Powder
  • USP Grade
  • Comes With .15 cc scoop
  • Other Ingredients: None
  • Sourced From Germany



As a dietary supplement take 50mg to 100mg a day. Or as directed by a health care provider. Individual needs may vary.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jake (Oregon, United States)
Prompt service

Item came quickly and was as described. Appreciate the great service.

Mary (Illinois, United States)

I was waking up tired after 8 hours sleep and exhausted all day long. I couldn’t wait to be able to go back to bed. B1 changed all of that. I have energy to burn now. Wake up feeling great and busy all day long with no yearning to go back to sleep. A great addition to my daily vitamins.

RYAN K. (New York, United States)

Feels potent when taken with a large portion of carb, substantiated by bitterness on the tongue. Helpful in instances of low energy or brain fog. Most important, no fillers.

Victoria W. (Arizona, United States)
Great little company!

I found this small company while trying to find a pure vitamin B1 supplement that was made in USA instead of imported from China. Happy to have found them, the quality and packaging of the product for was exactly what I was looking for. Start to finish, I've had exceptional customer service, with nearly instant responses, plus the shipping was very fast. Highly recommended!

Vald U. (Connecticut, United States)

I notice feeling like my metabolism is better after being on it for couple months combining it with their NDT. Thank you!

Wendy B. (California, United States)
B1 works to help carb/sugar metabolism

I have to microdose on this to get the benefits. Too much and i get gas and depression right away. But tiny doses help to reduce cravings, I assume because I can metabolize carbs better. This really helps in a gluten free diet that is short on B1. Thank you!

Randy B.

Quick to ship my order had it within a couple of days