LGS8: Infrared Combination - 760nm -830nm

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The LGS8 is designed with peak absorption in the infrared (760nm & 830nm) wavelengths.

Near Infrared light therapy reaches deep inside your body, penetrating effectively all the way to the organs and even bones. Near Infrared light therapy is well known through out the world as healing, regenerating, invigorating, and downright awesome. With Near Infrared light you can reach deep inside, activating Cytochrome C Oxidase, an enzyme directly related to energy production. This high quality near infra-red device is highly efficient, powerful, is great at activating your metabolism to rebuild tissues, regenerate bone, invigorate cells, rejuvenate skin. All this put together increases your well being by delivering energy to your life.

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Ray Peat on Red Light

Handheld Light Instructions

Power SpecificationsPower DensityLight Spectrum & InfoIncluded In Box & Warranty
Consumes Approximately 14 Watts300mW/cm² @ 0″760nm – Near-Infrared 50%LGS8
Fits any e27/screw lamp100mW/cm² @ 7″830nm – Near-Infrared 50%6 1/2 Foot Custom Power Cord Wrapped In Thick Fabric
Accepts worldwide voltages50mW/cm² @ 14″
Information sheet
Completely Silent25mW/cm² @ 24″
1 Year Warranty

10mW/cm² @ 44″

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