Covid-19 Shipping Alert

Updated May 27, 2020


Due to the Covid-19 crisis some international destinations (outside the United States) have declared a state of emergency within their postal systems and therefor have suspended normal operations. First Class, Priority and Priority Mail Express is effected. You can check the status of your country by clicking here. Please read recommended actions below on how to bypass these delays.


Due to the Covid-19 crisis domestic shipments (Inside The United States) are showing delays. The USPS just announced that First Class and Priority Mail services are taking one day longer then usual and even sometimes a bit longer. USPS reports the Priority Mail Express is not experiencing any domestic delays. Please read recommended actions below on how to bypass these delays.

When the postal services make a change, they do not give us advance notice. This situation is fluid and constantly changing. If your item has not arrived in a timely manner we sincerely apologize for the delay. The postal service carrier system is out of our hands so we ask for patience as shipments make their way through the system.

Recommended Actions If Considering a Purchase

If you are considering a purchase outside the United States we suggest using Fedex. We can still ship via USPS but due to the long delays we cannot be sure how long it will take to arrive. For domestic shipments inside the USA then USPS is OK to use although it might take an extra day or two.

USPS Shipping Delays

Due to Covid-19 international delivery times for certain countries are being severely impacted. Due to no planes being available for shipments in assorted countries, the USPS is now using sea transport. This will add at minimum 2-6 weeks of additional transit time depending on the destination. There could also be local delays in your area which would then add more time. You can check the status of your country's postal system here.


When the tracking stops registering on your USPS package then your shipment is likely out at sea. This can take up to a month or more. Sea port customs can take 1 to 2 weeks and then your regular postal service will add even more time.

Once your order is shipped, there is nothing we can do to speed up the process. If you placed an International order after February 2020 with USPS we ask that you please be patient. Shipments are arriving but are taking extra time.

Domestic orders within the United States are now showing delays in certain areas. International orders are still showing significant delays.  We will update this page if anything changes.

Tracking Issues

USPS is currently experiencing major issues with it's tracking system. International tracking has not been updating once the packages leave the United States. This does not signal that your package is lost, only that the tracking system is having issues.